Broken beyond repair‽

One year after Joomla v4.0.0 might be an excellent time to write honest opinions about that release. Mainly on the bad things.

Image of a broken window by Bálint Szabó

Broken beyond repair‽

From HTML to PWA Pt. 1

Site or App? SPA or MPA? React, Vue, Svelte, Solid, Lit, μhtml or another framework/library? Use the platform or use a trendy framework? Let's start with plain HTML and figure out if we can reach the other end of the spectrum in a progressively enhancing way...

Image of a cassete by Dmitriy DemidovFrom HTML to PWA Pt. 1

Child templates

For ages Joomla didn't have any meaningful way to handle user created overrides for templates. Did you changed any file from the template? Possibly your changes will be reverted in the next update. Things have change, now there are child templates and they promise to solve those cases and maybe a few more.

A child looking at the seaChild templates