This website is just a blog and therefore having a popup banner asking approval for some cookies wasn't really a user experience I had in my mind. The site is build using Joomla 3.x so a cookie is always created no matter what. Well, let's change that because quite frankly I really hate when things are dictated.

Create a system plugin and use the onAfterRender event:

public function onAfterRender() {
  /* The logic goes here */

The logic inside the onAfterRender function should be:

Get a reference of the application instance:

$app = Factory::getApplication();

Make sure that you remove the cookies only for the front end:

if ($app->isClient('site') !== true) {

And manipulate the cookie like:

  time() - 3600, $app->get('cookie_path', '/'),


Please do not apply this patch if your website NEEDS to synchronise the front end user with the one in the back end (eg some shopping cart, or any site that requires a login and has to preserve the guess user state and transfer data to the logged in user.

If you don't understand the above sentence DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.