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Your GitHub stats graph is too green; you're definitely burnt out. Well...

A completely burnt carBurnout

Broken beyond repair‽

One year after Joomla v4.0.0 might be an excellent time to write honest opinions about that release. Mainly on the bad things.

Image of a broken window by Bálint SzabóBroken beyond repair‽

From HTML to PWA Pt. 1

Site or App? SPA or MPA? React, Vue, Svelte, Solid, Lit, μhtml or another framework/library? Use the platform or use a trendy framework? Let's start with plain HTML and figure out if we can reach the other end of the spectrum in a progressively enhancing way...

Image of a cassete by Dmitriy DemidovFrom HTML to PWA Pt. 1

Child templates

For ages Joomla didn't have any meaningful way to handle user created overrides for templates. Did you changed any file from the template? Possibly your changes will be reverted in the next update. Things have change, now there are child templates and they promise to solve those cases and maybe a few more.

A child looking at the seaChild templates

Pens of freedom

Creating live examples from code snippets in a site, particularly a documentation site, is extremely helpful for users, as they get to play with the code. Eleventy (rightfully) didn't have such functionality out of the box but don't despair...

Image of a pen over a notepadPens of freedom

Fight the bloatwares

According to urbandictionary.com, the term is described as software that comes piggy-backed on other software installations. Bloatware usually includes toolbars desktop widgets or external unrelated applications. Most piggy-backing bloatware can perform a mundane task that is generally non-essential to everyday computer use.

Screenshot of the applicationFight the bloatwares

The hidden cost of Frontend

Joomla 3.9 introduced a new feature for content privacy which is a great addition to the tools provided out of the box but, after 4 patches and countless mentions for it, still has a flaw. A major one...

The hidden cost of Frontend

No more cookies please

Monolithic applications, like PHP CMS', usually need a way to synchronise the state of the client [browser] with their own, but there are cases that a stateless application will work fine. Let's explore how we can achieve a cookieless Joomla instance

Hand holding a cookieNo more cookies please

Solving Joomla’s UX problems

Joomla 4.0 is painstakingly crafted by a bunch of people. One of the main areas of improvement was to simplify the convoluted User Experience. So how things are evolving? What’s the plan there?

A tunnelSolving Joomla’s UX problems

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